This year, the two public funded research projects Closed Carbon Cycle Mobility and REDIFUEL will come to an end and thus organize a final event jointly with the running project LONGRUN. Beyond very promising and trendsetting technical results, the event will discuss many general aspects, such as economic implications and political hurdles in the market ramp-up of alternative fuels. Those non-technical results will be a major outcome of all three projects – especially in the context of future discussions and legislative negotiations on European CO2-regulations. The discussions are enriched by external speakers from politics and economic associations.


Tuesday, November 23

9:00 AMWelcome & IntroductionProf. Stefan Pischinger - FEV
9:15 AMKeynote SpeechDr. Monika Griefahn - eFuel Alliance
Project Introductions
10:00 AMClosed Carbon Cycle Mobility - C³-MobilityBenedikt Heuser - FEV Europe GmbH
10:15 AMRobust and Efficient processes and technologies for Drop In renewable FUELs for road transport – REDIFUELMaarten Weide - Uniresearch
10:30 AMDevelopment of efficient and environmental friendly LONG distance powertrain for heavy dUty trucks aNd coaches – LONGRUNArjo Roersch van der Hoogte - Uniresearch
10:45 AMInvestigation of the Technical Basis for the Standardisation of Methanol Fuels in Europe – MethanolstandardJohannes Fryjan - FEV
Cluster 1: Political Boundaries and Economic Visions and Incentives
11:15 AMIntroduction of H2GlobalMarkus Exenberger - H2Global
11:45 AMStrategy of Using E-FuelsProf. Christian Küchen - MWV
12:15 PMBiomass Availability for the Production of Sustainable Biofuels and Economical Assessment of e-fuels, with a Look into their Geographical Areas of ProductionAlba Soler Estrella - CONCAWE
12:45 PMQ&A Session 

Wednesday, November 24

Cluster 2: Fuel Production
8:30 AMProduction and Distribution of Green Chemical Energy CarriersProf. Ralf Peters - FZ Jülich
9:00 AMSynthesis of REDIFUEL as EN590 Compatible green Drop-in FuelDr. Gonzalo Prieto - CSIC
Prof. Andreas Vorholt - MPI CEC
9:30 AMMtG as EN 228 Compatible Green Drop-in FuelProf. Martin Gräbner - TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Dr. Mario Kuschel - CAC
10:00 AMSustainable DME Production and DistributionRebecca Groen - SHV Energy
Stefan Schmidt - Primagas
10:30 AMQ&A Session 
Cluster 3: Fuel Application
11:30 AMH2 as Renewable Fuel for Heavy-Duty ApplicationsDr. Lukas Virnich - FEV
12:00 PMEfficient Methanol Combustion Systems – from Heavy-Duty to Large BoreArne Güdden - RWTH Aachen
12:30 PMApplication of Drop-in REDIFUEL for Heavy-Duty TransportDr. Kai Deppenkemper - FEV
Dr. Rupali Tripathi - Neste
1:30 PMMtG – Efficiently Reducing fossil CO2 Emissions of the Passenger Car FleetProf. Thomas Garbe - VW
Wiliam Kaszas - VW
2:00 PMDevelopment of Clean DME Combustion Systems for Passcar and LCV ApplicationDr. Werner Willems - Ford
2:30 PMQ&A Session